Event Rates + Info

Party pricing has a 2 hour minimum. Events longer than 6 hours will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

  • 2 Hours – $250
  • 3 Hours – $350
  • 4 Hours – $450
  • 5 Hours – $550
  • 6 Hours – $650


We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If you are going to pay using a check, please make the check out to Knockerball LLC.

You have the availability to pay your bill before your event or the day of your event if that is more convenient for you. The planner has up to 7 days after your event to make a full payment to our business. If your payment comes after 7 days, a $10 charge will be added to your total each week until the agreed upon payment is received.

Booking Larger Events

If your event is going to exceed 6 hours, we can talk about pricing and set up an event that works for both parties. Also with larger events we will have to have more staff available. So the sooner the customer can book, the easier it will be for us to make sure we have adequate staff on hand.

Pay and Play

Another option for larger events is our Pay and Play event. Our pay and Play events will also be used during fairs, festivals, and concert venues where there will be heavy traffic. We offer 5 minutes of Knockerball play for $5. Pay and Play keeps traffic flowing and gives your guests more opportunities to play and enjoy Knockerball and not feel rushed as they enjoy your event.

What you will receive with each party:

  • 10 Large Knockerballs
  • At least 2 certified Knockerball Staff for your event
  • Instruction and live demonstrations on what to do and what not to do while you are participating in Knockerball
  • 2 soccer goals
  • A variety of soccer balls
  • Equipment set up and take down

Staff will be on site for your entire event from start to finish. A travel fee may be added to your event based on location and is not included in our hourly prices listed above.

Travel fee

We are a mobile business and do not have a home location. We bring the party to you! We are located in Eastern Maine and will travel anywhere in the state to accommodate your event needs. If your location is within 25 miles of Bangor there will not be a travel fee added on to your events final price. If your events location is more than 25 miles from Bangor we will charge $1 per mile after the 25 miles.

Additional Time

Events change at the last minute sometime and we want to make sure you and your guests have the best experience possible with Knockerballmaine207. You have the ability to add more time to your event if you wish to do so. Additional time rates are as follows:

  • 1 Hour: $100
  • Each additional hour: $75 per hour

There will be times, especially during the warmer months where we will have multiple events on the same day, and on certain days we will not have extra time available as our business will be traveling from one event to the next. So when you book your party with our business please try to book accordingly based on the number of people at your event. We will try and accommodate you the best we can, so your events goes off with a hitch.


When booking an event with us we require a $50 deposit to book the date and time for you on that specific day. If by some chance you have to cancel your event or there is bad weather, we will work with you to reschedule to a later time and date. If it is just a regular cancellation on the customers behalf, it must be done within 48 hours of your event. If it is canceled inside of 48 hours, the customer has 120 days to reschedule their event or they will not get their deposit back.

Booking indoor and outdoor facilities

Since we are a mobile business we do not have a home location, we bring the party to you. It is the responsibility of the customer to book a venue for their location. Our business does not get any revenue for booking events at any location, it goes directly to the facility. We can book the venue for you if you would like, but the cost goes directly to the venue site. It is strongly suggested that you have a couple of venues in mind when figuring out where you would like to have your event. There is no guarantee an event site will be available when you are booking your date and time.

Participation Waiver

To protect you the customer and our business Knockerball Maine 207, we have a waiver that must be signed in order to participate in Knockerball. When we book your event, the planner will receive waivers and signature forms ahead of time to distribute to your guests so they have time to read the waiver and sign before participating. If you do not sign the waiver you do not participate in Knockerball. This is a company wide waiver and it is here to protect you the consumer and our group as a business.

All players under the age of 18 need a parent or guardian signature in order to compete in Knockerball.